What is the eITCH

eITCH is a tool designed to measure itching, medically defined as pruritus, an unpleasant sensation creating to the desire to scratch. Measuring pruritus intensity is key to assessing patient needs, treatment outcomes and ongoing management. Measurement remains problematic, due to the subjective patient-perceived nature of the condition.

How to use the eITCH

eITCH assesses pruritus on a range of different scales, including a numerical rating scale, visual analogue scale and verbal rating scale. This includes an assessment of existing lesions and scratches, a numerical patient-given value of how much the pruritus has improved or worsened compared to the start of treatment and a visual assessment of severity and perception of the intensity (from 1 to 10).

Treatment should not only take itch into consideration, but also scratching-induced skin lesions and accompanying disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Following you can find the versions of the eITCH

iOS version
Android version
Web version
PDF version

The impact of pruritus

Chronic pruritus (itching that lasts longer than six weeks) is a common affliction, occurring in every age group globally. It is an initial symptom of a range of dermatological diseases, including, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and urticaria. It also commonly occurs in systemic diseases, including chronic kidney failure, cholestatic liver disease, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and haematopoietic disorders. It remains difficult to diagnosis, manage and treat with only a minority of patients having access to specialized pruritus clinics or receiving appropriate medical attention. For sufferers it is a stressful condition with a negative impact on quality of life. Patients with consistent pruritus report restrictions on their everyday activities, reduced levels of motivation, increased impatience, concentration difficulties, stigmatization and feelings of depression.


Clear treatment options

eITCH suggests a clear three step treatment approach for chronic pruritus.


eITCH is a quick visual classification of pruritus.

Environmentally Friendly

Keep it green! Forget about wasting paper and store all your patient data in an online platform and share your results via e-mail.

Responsive and multi-device

Your eITCH is always a couple of touches or clicks away, available on desktop, tablet, phone and other devices.

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