What is the PsoSat

PsoSat (Psoriasis Satisfaction Questionnaire)

The PsoSat measures the satisfaction of patients with their therapy and identifies whether it should be optimized from their perspective. The questionnaire can be used in daily practice and is a simple tool that can support the decision-making process of patients and physicians in choosing the optimal therapy strategy. 

How was the PsoSat developed?

The PsoSat was developed by the Institute for Health Services Research in Dermatology and Nursing at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. The development was conducted taking the opinions and preferences of patients, dermatologists and psychologists into account. The final questionnaire was evaluated in a large-scale study to assess the validity of the tool.

How to use the ePsoSat

The PsoSat is a measurement tool for self-assessment that can be completed by the patient himself. The questionnaire is self-explanatory and consists out of eight questions that relate, among others, to the satisfaction with the current therapy, progress of the treatment and discomfort with side effects.

Following you can find the versions of the ePsoSat

Illustrative PDF version (coming soon)

The relationship between therapy satisfaction and treatment quality

Surveys in numerous countries revealed that many dermatological patients are not sufficiently satisfied with the treatment of their disease. As a result of this, the concept of patient-centered care has moved more into focus in the decision-making process in recent years. The main idea being, that patient preferences and needs are taken into consideration for important therapy decisions.

Therapy satisfaction, among other factors, is related to the individual therapy success, since a high level of satisfaction can positively influence patients' adherence to the individual therapy, which positively influences the actual success of the therapy and thus the quality of the overall treatment.

A regular measurement of satisfaction with the treatment can help to question the current therapy and may, in addition with other important factors, such as the severity of the disease, support the decision-making process for doctors and patients.



ePsoSat is easy to understand and can be simply handed to the patient who is asked to fill it in without the need for detailed explanation.


Save time with our online tool. Anyone can quickly fill out the form and get their ePsoSat score without doing any calculations.

Informed treatment

ePsoSat enables the physician to make informed treatment decisions based on patient needs.

Patient Centred

Results from the ePsoSat provide a patient-orientated analysis of the impact of skin disease management and treatment.

Monitor evolution

Use ePsoSat to oversee results, changes and the satisfaction of patients with their therapy.

Responsive and multi-device

Your ePsoSat is always a couple of touches or clicks away, available on desktop, tablet, phone and other devices.

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