Dermatools was developed by dermatologists and scientists from the University Medical Center Hamburg/Germany and the German Network for psoriasis (PsoNet) lead by Professor Matthias Augustin. Dermatools was requested by national and international societies for dermatology in order to support clinical practice and patient care.

Dermatools offers doctors and patients a fast and personalized access to electronic outcome measures in skin diseases. The tools are provided web-based and by a multi-platform app.

By using our platform, individual patient medical data can be saved and managed at any time.

Patients can select the tools individually, fill out the forms, save results, follow treatment and monitor outcomes. The results permit doctors to get a more precise overview of the development of their patient condition. It doesn't aim to replace a visit to a doctor, rather complement it.


Instant score calculations

Quick and accurate way to establish a diagnosis.


You can use our apps in web browsers, iOS and Android.


Save your medical results in every app of Dermatools and check your results again every time you want.


Dermatools is created in collaboration with an expert team of Dermatologists.


Tools guide

Find out why and how to use the tool, by clicking on the info button in each of the apps.

Image maps

Mark the location and the degree of a skin condition using body maps.

User-friendly forms

All tools are adapted to devices to be easily read and used.

Monitor evolution

Follow your results and see how they change overtime. 

Interactive scoring

Score your answers by using sliders, image clicking and easy controls.

Visual tips

Ensure the precision and understanding of the answer chosen by using reference photos and visual aids.

Real-time scores

Check the score change when changing your answers in real time.

Send the results

Get an access to your results outside the app and send a PDF of your results to an email.

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